Why The Yankees 2011 Season Rides On Andy Pettittes Decision

      The Yankees are a power house in Baseball. They have the highest payroll in baseball. They have the most Pennants and Championships in baseball. They have made the playoffs 15 of the past 16 seasons. 

      Their rivals, the Boston Red Sox, who missed the playoffs last season have come out slugging in the offseason. They signed Carl Crawford, where he will spend the next 7 years roaming in left field next to the Green Monster. They traded for the powerful Adrian Gonzalez, whose swing is perfect for Fenway Park. They have solidified their bullpen adding Bobby Jenks and Dan Wheeler and resigning Hideki Okajima. 
      The Yankees counter for that? Pedro Feliciano.The Yankees laid all their eggs in one basket, and that was Cliff Lee’s basket and he laughed at the Yankees and their money and took his talents to Philadelphia to team up with Halladay, Hamels, and Oswalt. The Yankees rotation at this moment looks like this: CC Sabathia, Phil Hughes, AJ Burnett, Ivan Nova, and ???.
       If the Yankees want to compete with the Boston Red Sox next season they have to hope Pettitte, whose expected to decide his fate for the 2011 season this week, gives them good news. If he doesn’t the Yankees will be denied and left in the dust twice in one offseason, by two pretty good lefty’s. That’s a rare occasion. The Yankees usually get what they want when they set their mind to it. 
       If Pettitte decides to return to the Yankees, they will have a good enough rotation to team up with their powerful, star filled offense. If not, the Yankees are in trouble in the AL East. Trouble that their not use to being in so early in the year. Andy Pettitte, the decision is yours. 

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